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Men always don't like to wear condoms, so they always use some risky contraceptive methods, such as external ejaculation. Although external ejaculation may seem simple, it is actually difficult to control and poses a lot of harm to the male body.


1. Extracorporeal ejaculation is the process in which a man interrupts sexual intercourse and expels semen from the body when approaching orgasm or about to ejaculate. Unfortunately, before ejaculation, men secrete some fluid that contains sperm, which is enough to fertilize women.

2. Many men are unable to grasp the exact time of ejaculation, and the penis is pulled out of the vagina too late, which can easily cause semen to remain inside or outside the vagina.

3. Some sperm left around the female vaginal opening, male penis, or other parts can enter the female reproductive tract for any possible reason.

4. Forcible interruption of sexual intercourse at the moment of approaching orgasm may lead to dysfunction of the central nervous system and the ejaculatory center in the lumbosacral region, and often this may also lead to functional anoejaculation.

In fact, occasional extracorporeal ejaculation once or twice has little impact on the human body. But if this continues for a long time, it may affect sexual function. Some women, fearing pregnancy, force men to ejaculate outside the body during orgasm, which can lead to psychological anxiety and decreased sexual satisfaction, further affecting sexual appeal.



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