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frequently asked question

  • Can Xingse adult products be returned or exchanged without reason within seven days

    Before opening the outer packaging, it is possible to return or exchange goods without reason, but after opening it, unless it is a quality issue, it is not supported to return or exchange goods without reason。

    The reason is very simple. Private personal belongings are not refundable or exchangeable once opened for use. You understand

    In order to ensure the interests of users, all adult products are assumed to have been used after being opened, and we do not support unreasonable returns or exchanges。


  • Is it normal to use adult products?

    Hello everyone~I am a super invincible, handsome and charming little white~

    I was shocked! Today, I saw three consecutive people in the group asking if it's normal to use adult products I just want to say: Is it normal to use adult products? (Figure 1)

    What are adult products

     & Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Adult products include BDSM products, lingerie, jump eggs, fake penises, vibration equipment, delay cups, etc. It refers to the use of auxiliary sexual products to help adults obtain sexual assistance, which can not only increase sexual interest, improve sexual quality, but also bring positive effects to sexual health What's wrong with using adult products

     & Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Adult products can not only improve the sexual life of couples, but the appropriate use of adult products can not only enrich the sexual experience, but also contribute to reducing the crime rate of rape in the country If something exists, it means someone needs it. If someone needs it, it means someone will buy it and use it. There is nothing normal about this, and there is no need to feel embarrassed because no one will know that you have bought adult products Nowadays, adult product stores use concealed shipping, unless you are extremely unlucky and have an accident, no one will know that you have bought adult products Let's take my personal experience as an example. In fact, I have hesitated for a while before and have been hesitating whether to buy. I have also asked others if using adult products is normal, but I haven't received any good answers Finally, just grit your teeth and buy it directly. Buying adult products is just like women's clothing, with zero or countless times. If you don't have any other outlet, I strongly recommend buying this one to vent your anger, which is definitely much more enjoyable than using your hands

    I am a male and the first product I purchased was Mingqi. I have used dozens of other products since then, but my favorite one is Mingqi. Since using Mingqi, I have never used it again, and I am so confident After all, famous artifacts are made in a 1:1 ratio using real person molds, and some have also made improvements on the basis of real person molds. In other words, in terms of the comfort of the channel, famous artifacts are even more enjoyable than real people. Isn't it a pleasure to use famous artifacts while watching

  • Is using lubricants in marital life harmful to the body


    Data shows that 78% of middle-aged and elderly women in China experience symptoms of dryness and pain during their marital life, leading to weak excitement and resistance to sexual intercourse

    Why does this phenomenon occur

    With age, various bodily functions are constantly deteriorating, and Chinese women generally enter menopause between the ages of 54 and 58.

    . The arrival of menopause means a decrease in estrogen levels, decreased gonadal function, and degradation of reproductive organs. The most significant changes are a decrease in secretion and lubrication, which reduces the feelings of marital life and to some extent, has a negative impact on marital relationships

    Is using lubricants harmful to the body

    It's always very dry and the experience between husband and wife is not good, so what should be done? The use of lubricants is a simple and effective method that can alleviate dry and painful conditions, while also protecting the mucosa and preventing mucosal damage

    Currently, lubricants on the market can be divided into water-based, oil-based, and silicon-based lubricants based on their composition, with water-based lubricants being the most common in China

    Water-based lubricants have good solubility and are easy to clean. More importantly, water-based lubricants are insoluble in latex and can be used together with latex condoms, with high safety

    The lubricity of oil-based lubricants is relatively long-lasting, but the disadvantage is that they are difficult to clean and can dissolve condoms.

    . In contrast, silicon-based lubricants combine the characteristics of water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. Firstly, using a small amount can maintain long-term lubrication and is easy to clean; Secondly, it does not dissolve condoms and has high safety

    Therefore, silicon-based lubricants are currently the best comprehensive human lubricant


    Private parts of the human body are sensitive and fragile, and many people are concerned about whether using lubricants can cause harm to the body. Generally speaking, using lubricants with simple ingredients, colorless, odorless, and insoluble in latex is safe. It is recommended not to purchase lubricants with strong fragrance and other chemical components to avoid causing skin allergies

    Only when used correctly can points be added

    After purchasing lubricants, it is also important to pay attention to how, where, and how much to apply

    The amount of lubricant used varies from person to person, with some people using a small amount being sufficient, while others need to add more to achieve the desired effect.

    . When using it for the first time, you can squeeze out a coin sized amount and rub it open in the palm of your hand before applying

    Extension: Postmenopausal women can scientifically supplement estrogen

    In addition to using some products to improve the quality of life of couples, postmenopausal women can also supplement estrogen appropriately

    After menopause, due to ovarian failure, pituitary dysfunction, and excessive secretion of gonadotropins, some women may experience autonomic nervous system dysfunction, causing physical discomfort such as palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, and emotional instability.

    . Moderate supplementation of estrogen can improve symptoms, improve quality of life, and stimulate secretions to slow down the rate of genital atrophy

    It should be noted that estrogen supplementation should be scientific, and can be supplemented through food in daily life, such as eating soy beans and soy products appropriately. In addition, hormone drugs such as progesterone capsules and estradiol tablets can also be taken under the guidance of a doctor。


    Menopausal period is a stage of life that every woman must go through and should be viewed with a calm mind. If due to age and menopause, it brings some difficulties to the life of a couple, they can actively find solutions while ensuring physical health, promoting mutual affection, and more conducive to safely passing through menopause

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    Guangdong Xingse Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider of soft rubber that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales, especially in the industries of famous tools and reverse molds.

    The factory was first established in 2008 and currently has 10000 square meters. Our company has two own brands, Xiqu and Xingse, and we can also provide customized services (OEM/ODM) to customers. All of our products have passed the CE certification; ROHS and other certifications, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2013. We currently have a complete range of products, including over 1000 types of male and female appliances, airplane cups, and male and female masturbation sticks. In 2018, the company established overseas warehouses and provided overseas one piece shipping services for cross-border sellers, which rapidly promoted the development of cross-border sellers and received recognition from them! We sincerely invite you to explore new territories in the entertainment industry together


  • What is the charging standard and method for Xingse's door-to-door pickup

    The starting time of this cycle is calculated from the date of after-sales registration of the goods, and the time required for testing the goods will be correspondingly extended by 7-15 days. During national statutory holidays, due to delays in providing services at the after-sales service centers of some brand manufacturers, the repair time has also been correspondingly extended +

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