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About Xingse

For the happy life of all mankind

For the happy life of all mankind

        Xingse Industry, a pioneer in the field of simulation reverse molding, was established in 2008; The company takes it as its responsibility to comprehensively create a healthy and enjoyable life, and provide professional life entertainment products services. For 13 years, it has been committed to creating a better adult product comprehensive service provider that integrates research and development, design, production, sales, and service ;The company focuses onMale appliancesWomen's appliancesErotic instrumentsSolid dollSimulated buttockspenisranks and proper accoutrementsA series of genuine safety and health products. Since the establishment of the Xingse Global Brand Business Unit in 2013, Xingse Factory has persisted in innovation by collecting information from demand groups and providing customer feedback. Starting from the source of materials, we have collaborated deeply with raw material factories to establish a materials research laboratory, strictly selecting real person models, and continuously optimizing the product's realistic feel; Continuously upgrading the material ratio to ensure that the product meets higher standards of health and safety indicators. We have set a strict benchmark and established standards in the adult products industry, making outstanding contributions to promoting a healthy environment in society. We have always been imitated and never surpassed. Strive for a lifetime to help 500 million people reject asexuality.

      The company adheres to the principles of stable operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation, internal care for Xingse's family, innovative technology, and talent cultivation, aiming to provide higher standards of products, open product cooperation to the outside world, and provide 101 points of service to achieve the service tenet that every product provided is a health and safety product, allowing all cooperating customers to produce products without worry. As of 2020, Xingse products have been sold in over 170 countries and regions worldwide. Xingse people always adhere to creating high-quality products with innovative styles, functions, materials, safety and health, so that everyone around the world can enjoy the happy and colorful life brought by Xingse products 。 

       Xingse IndustryWe have a professional team to serve various high-end brand merchants and help them produce higher standard professional products. Xingse Industry hasXingseExtravagant taste、Multiple independent brands such as Character Romance, with a complete range of simulation product categories:Simulated male and female appliances、(Function)Aircraft Cup、There are more than 1000 types of comrade products, and the chief designer of Xingse has been studying around the world for many years. Every month, Xingse's innovative products exceed their peers by four times. Each of Xingse's sex toys is a piece of art, allowing artworks to blend into the lives of enthusiasts and take life to a new level. The factory has obtained ISO9001 since 2013Quality Management System,And cooperate with the raw material factory to develop and use food grade materials. All products of the company have been certified by CE, ROHS, FDA, MSDS, Tmall JD quality inspection reports, and other certifications

      13 years of adhering to the vision of helping 500 million people reject asexual life; Wherever we go, the service standard of "Xingse Service 101 points" is widely circulated. The healthy sexual lifestyle that advocates liveliness and self indulgence belongs to you. For entertainment and fun, we only provide solutions, and you only need to fully experience the true joy and fun that life provides.

  • mission

    Healthy sexual well-being

    Xingse people are a group of ordinary people with extraordinary actions

  • Vision

    Becoming a world-class innocence
    Adult product manufacturers

    Lucky people, without profound knowledge, have a strong and brave heart

  • values

    Xingse Service 101 points
    Bi Xue hurries to help Chao find benchmarks separately

    Strive for Efficiency, Create Value, Achieve Mutual Prosperity

development history

Witness every extraordinary moment

  • 2021-05

    Leading the development of the adult products industry and looking forward to the future

    13 years of sedimentation, 13 years of foundation building, 13 years of adhering to the vision of helping 500 million people reject asexual life; Wherever we go, the service system of "Lucky Color Service 101 Points" is passed down, making adult products a source of confidence for everyone and allowing consumers to experience the ultimate in this era of great health. We have always been imitated, but never surpassed!

  • 2020-06

    High end brand, deeply rooted in people's hearts

    After 12 years of joint efforts by Xingse people, Xingse Industry has become a member of the high-end adult product brand service provider list; Always keep in mind our original intention and adhere to creativity and innovation to meet the constantly upgrading needs of users. This year, "Jin Baili Ingrid The launch of large buttocks molds such as Erica has once again revolutionized simulation molds, laying the foundation for our company's leadership in the simulation industry

  • 2019-06

    Dual hardness penis, leading the high-end market

    Over the past 11 years, Xingse Industry has been striving to help 500 million people refuse to have sex. In addressing the pain points of male compatriots, we have found that the majority of female compatriots need to be cared for and cared for more. The company has decisively decided to allocate 70% of its resources, aiming to make a slight contribution to female compatriots. After three months of non-sleeping, "Nathan" and "Angus" have perfectly ignited sexual toys

  • 2018-04

    Explore new ideas and enhance customer experience

    With the development of the industry and 10 years of hard work and promotion by Xingse, gender products have gradually been accepted by "everyone", and purchasing adult products is not so labeled as "alternative"; Numerous gameplay methods such as stimulation and functionality are directly written into the design outline of our company's user needs: the "Heidi Sucking Aircraft Cup" automatic suction and deflation series aircraft cup, allowing the veteran driver to hand over the gun within 1 minute.

  • 2017-02

    Upgrade lightweight items to the buttocks category

    Upgrade the brand strategy, from lightweight items to inverted buttocks, with the skinny "Ji'er" and sexy "Aojiao Pet Fei", directly refreshing users' perception of adult products and multiple simulation tactile sensations The soft and skin friendly feeling directly takes you back to the age of 18. That night, she just sat on me like that;

  • 2016-04

    Returning to the original intention and specializing in brand research

    Reshape the luxurious image of luxury brands in China: Based on the usage habits and behavioral preferences of domestic users; Big Mouth Sister& Quot; Little Xiangniu"& Quot; Meatball" As a representative, from packaging image to gift configuration, it has quickly occupied the high-end market of adult products in China, with an annual sales of 300000 pieces per model.

  • 2015-06

    Classic doll

    The company has established a comprehensive testing standard and quality management system to lead the development of the simulation industry through a "heavyweight" attack and real-life experience; The "Angela Doll" has pioneered the field of simulation reverse molding, laying a solid foundation for the luxury brand to explore the international market in the future.

  • 2014-03

    Famous artifacts from the Bract series

    Featuring a "small" and exquisite design, this is a virgin masterpiece. It is strictly selected from 18-22 year old real person models and is lightweight to carry. There are 10 styles of masterpiece and 10 channels, bringing users the true feeling of first love.


Honorary qualifications

  • 振动棒系列CE认证

    CE certification of vibrating rod series

  • 幸色产品POCE检测证书

    Xingse Product POCE Testing Certificate

  • 幸色 ROHS 证书

    Xingse ROHS Certificate

  • 幸色 EN71 证书

    Xingse EN71 Certificate

  • 跨境电商金牌供应商

    Cross border e-commerce gold supplier

  • SGS检厂报告

    SGS inspection report

  • ROHS跳蛋震动棒证书

    ROHS Egg Jumping Shaker Certificate

  • ISO9001质量管理体系认证书

    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

  • MSDS认证

    MSDS certification


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