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Netizen Xiao Wang left a message saying that he has been having a very unpleasant time with his wife recently due to his roommate time. It turned out that Xiao Chen had been working overtime frequently at night recently, and when he returned home, it was often already early in the morning, feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

But his wife was full of energy and pestered Xiao Chen's roommate. After Xiao Wang refused several times, she was very dissatisfied. One day, Xiao Wang discussed with his wife whether he could schedule sex in the morning, but her wife said that no one would live as a couple in the morning, so the two of them had a very unpleasant time.

Many people have doubts about the time for roommates. Some say they have more energy in the morning, while others say they have more atmosphere at night. So, should roommates be in the morning or at night?


Morning roommates and evening roommates have their own advantages and disadvantages


There are many advantages to having sex in the morning. In the morning, men have stronger sexual abilities and are also at a time of high sexual desire. In addition, women's sexual hormones can reach their highest levels in the morning, which provides the greatest satisfaction and a higher quality of sexual life.

And after a night of rest, both energy and physical strength are better, and it is easier for a roommate to reach orgasm at this time. Finally, having a roommate in the morning is equivalent to a form of exercise, which can make people feel better and look more energetic in the morning.

However, having a roommate in the morning also has certain drawbacks. When waking up in the morning, it is easy for the roommate to forget to clean it. Although they have cleaned it before going to bed at night, after a night, there will also be secretions from the genitals.

Sharing a room without cleaning can easily pose health risks; Some people may not sleep well at night, and if they sleep together in the morning, it can make their spirits even more exhausted. However, the morning is the beginning of the day's work, which can easily affect work efficiency.

Sexologists believe that the ideal time for sexual intercourse in the morning should be at the beginning of the day, which is between 6-8 a.m. However, due to the fact that most people need to wake up early to go to work, except during holidays, the time for waking up in the morning is relatively tight, making it difficult for both parties to enjoy themselves if they are in a hurry.



Having sex at night also has its advantages. Firstly, before going to bed at night, people often have enough time to have sex and do not lack foreplay due to time constraints. Both parties will also be more relaxed and easily enter a state, which can improve the quality of sexual life.

Secondly, due to the fact that most people are busy with work during the day, it is almost difficult for both spouses to meet during the day. Meeting after work at night will make the relationship more intimate, and cohabitation will be more exciting at this time; Finally, after having sex at night, there is still one night to sleep and rest, without affecting the next day's work.

However, having sex at night also has its drawbacks. If you work too hard during the day, you will feel tired at night. If you work too hard, it is not suitable for having sex, otherwise it will affect the quality of sexual life; Having sex too late is equivalent to staying up late, which can affect one's physical health.

What time is more suitable for sharing rooms at night? Harvard Medical School experts have found through research that women's brain cells are most active around 10 pm, during which time they will have more fantasies about sex. Therefore, it is best to have sexual intercourse around 10 pm at night.

The most suitable time for roommates is actually in the afternoon

In addition to sharing rooms in the morning and evening, there is actually another time that many people may not know is the afternoon. According to a report by the Daily Mail in the UK, 3pm is the most suitable time for roommates.

Research shows that at 3pm in the afternoon, both men and women have the strongest desires, with women having the highest levels of cortisol and hormones, more energy, and more sensitive bodies. At 3 pm, men secrete higher levels of estrogen, which is beneficial for emotional communication between both parties.

Hormone expert Alisa? Viti also believes that 3 pm is a good time to have sex, and she believes that the sexual life will be very harmonious at this time, making it easier for both parties to be satisfied.

Unfortunately, most people are working at 3pm, but they can try it out on weekends or holidays.

To improve the quality of "married life", it's best to do these four things well

In addition to finding the right time, there are other ways to improve the quality of married life.

Try various postures

The position of a roommate can also affect sexual experience, and the relationship between position and pleasure is very close. Long term use of the same position can easily make a partner feel bored and even bored.

Therefore, during sexual intercourse, it is possible to try various positions, as well as female position. Female position not only helps women achieve orgasm, but also makes sexual life more lasting.

Don't overeat before roommates

Rooming is also a form of exercise, and it is not advisable to have sex immediately after a full meal, as overeating can lead to drowsiness, and the gastrointestinal and sexual organs may compete for blood, affecting the quality of sexual life. Therefore, it is important to avoid overeating and binge eating before cohabiting, and it is best to cohabit 2 hours after having a full meal.


Eliminate anxiety and stress

Modern people generally experience high levels of life and work pressure, and anxiety and stress can affect the quality of sexual life. Moreover, some men may worry that their sexual life may not last long enough to meet their partner's needs, resulting in significant psychological pressure, which can affect the quality of sexual life between couples. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of married life, it is necessary to learn to relax.

Add foreplay

Foreplay can effectively increase the fun between couples, facilitate the progress of their lives, and also improve the quality of their lives. For example, you can try marital massage, which is beneficial for promoting blood circulation and increasing the release of sex hormones, which can effectively enhance both parties' feelings.

In fact, no matter when it comes to spending time with both spouses, as long as both parties have needs and add some skills, it will naturally come to fruition.



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