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Men pay special attention to sexual activities, such as tonifying the kidneys, penis size, sexual frequency, and so on. Moreover, many men believe that penis size determines quality of life. Is this statement correct? It's not that men's sexual ability is closely related to hardness, but not to penis size.


Experts explain that a man's sexual ability mainly depends on the hardness of his erection. It is understood that there are also levels of hardness for erections:

The first level is a slight reaction after being stimulated, but not hard;

The second level is reactive, but cannot be inserted;

The third level is able to be inserted into the vagina, but feels like a softener and can easily collapse at a touch;

The fourth level is the best hardness, which can bring the best feeling to the other person after being inserted into the vagina.

Although the third and fourth levels can complete sexual activity in the first year, only reaching level 4 can truly increase the pleasure and sexual satisfaction of both men and women. Having a good erection hardness in men not only enhances confidence, but also brings a lot of joy and happiness to women.

In addition, in clinical practice, symptoms of erectile dysfunction can also be observed based on the hardness level during erection. The third level hardness belongs to mild ED, and the first and second levels belong to moderate to severe ED. In addition, poor erection may also be an early signal of some physical diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, which can also cause sexual dysfunction and damage blood vessels. The penis is mainly blood vessels, and this damage was first manifested in sexual dysfunction.

So, what will affect the hardness of an erection? Experts say that the hardness of an erection is determined by multiple factors, with age being the first factor. As age increases, sexual ability will definitely decrease. The second factor is physical diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. Relevant data show that 30% -70% of diabetes patients suffer from erectile dysfunction. The same is true for hypertension, with a high incidence rate of ED. There are also many mental illnesses. Among the ten patients with depression, nine have poor personality function because erectile dysfunction occurs in the central nervous system of the brain, and mental system problems can also affect sexual function.

So, only if a man is tough enough can he have sex smoothly and make his wife more satisfied.



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