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Prostatitis often leads to various urinary system infections, including urethral obstruction, frequent urination, urgency, or bladder inflammation. You can refer to various prevention methods below to try to stay away from the infection of prostatitis on the urinary system.


What are the symptoms of prostatitis?

1. Difficulty in urination

A large amount of bacteria remain in the urethra and urinary system of patients with prostatitis, which can cause bladder irritation. During urination, symptoms such as urethral burning and pain can occur, and it can also radiate to the head of the penis.

2. Local discomfort

Prostate patients may experience symptoms such as anal discomfort and urethral obstruction, often accompanied by discomfort such as general soreness, weakness, and weakness.

3. Frequent urination and urgency

Prostatitis patients accumulate a large amount of toxic substances in the prostate, including bacteria, viruses, metabolites, and so on. These harmful substances often stimulate the prostate and urinary system, resulting in frequent urination and more frequent urination than normal. However, due to the presence of symptoms of urethral obstruction in patients with prostatitis, the phenomenon of frequent and urgent urination is further exacerbated, forming a vicious cycle.

4. Effort in urination

Prostatitis patients have impaired urinary system function, weakened urination ability, and symptoms of difficulty urinating. Patients with prostatitis may experience significant resistance during urination due to urethral obstruction and if not relieved in a timely manner, resulting in difficulty urinating.

How to prevent prostatitis?

1. Reasonable control of sexual activity

If sexual intercourse is excessive, the prostate is in a state of congestion, which affects the normal function of the prostate. In order to avoid abnormal reactions to prostatitis, everyone should control their marital life reasonably and not excessively.


2. Keep the prostate area clean

The ventilation of the prostate is particularly poor, and it is prone to bacterial infection. If not cleaned properly, bacterial interference often occurs, leading to prostatitis. Especially in the scrotum area, it should be cleaned in a timely manner. When secretion occurs, it should be immediately wiped clean.

3. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and coarse grains

We should pay attention to the health of our diet and eat more fruits and vegetables, which is beneficial for endocrine coordination and ensures the balance of hormones. Try to avoid eating spicy and greasy foods as much as possible, as these foods can stimulate the prostate and cause symptoms of prostatitis.

4. Don't sit too long

Nowadays, many office workers sit in the office for a long time and have little activity. Their upper body compresses the prostate, causing symptoms such as blood circulation disorders and blocked prostate ducts. Moreover, a large amount of toxins remain in the prostate, which can cause prostatitis.

5. Regular exercise

Regular exercise is necessary to maintain a strong physique and promote endocrine coordination. It can also maintain stable hormone secretion and avoid symptoms of abnormal prostate secretion.

The above introduction is about the symptoms and prevention methods of prostatitis. Everyone should pay attention to physical exercise, develop good lifestyle habits, and avoid behaviors that cause harm to the prostate.


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