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The intimate relationship between spouses, although somewhat sensitive, is directly related to the quality of their relationship. If not taken seriously, violating taboos during behavior can lead to marital disharmony and even affect the health of both parties. So, please don't be shy and have some understanding of bed matters, which is also the responsibility of being a good husband and wife.


1. Do not engage in sexual activity with illness

Those who suffer from certain serious physiological diseases and have been instructed by doctors not to engage in sexual activity must follow their advice and avoid engaging in bed activities. People with infectious diseases should also avoid sexual intercourse. Engaging in sexual activity with illness may not only harm oneself, but may also harm one's loved ones.

2. Do not engage in sexual activity during menstruation

During a woman's menstrual period, the cervix is in an open state, during which sexual activity can easily lead to infection and inflammation of the uterus or attachments. Therefore, women should also pay attention to health preservation during sexual activity.

3. Don't force sex when you're in a bad mood

When one spouse is in a bad mood and reluctantly engages in sexual intercourse, it not only affects the quality of sexual intercourse, but also disgusts the other party. In the long run, this can lead to sexual apathy


4. Do not engage in sexual activity after drinking heavily

If a large amount of alcohol is consumed during meals, most women and a few men will experience poor desire. In addition, after drinking alcohol, one may still be in a brief state of excitement, making it very easy to experience excessive excitement and rude behavior during intimacy. In addition, speeding up the pace and excessive concentration of energy can also lead to premature ejaculation. In addition, alcohol can cause abnormal sperm development, affect the state of sperm, and be very detrimental to fertility. Many deformed children are conceived after drinking.

5. Do not engage in intimacy after just taking a hot bath

After taking a hot bath, one cannot get intimate within half an hour. Experts say that when the temperature of the human body exceeds 33 degrees Celsius, the sensitivity of the skin will decrease, and many people will experience skin flushing and numbness. At this moment, intimacy cannot obtain the pleasure it deserves. So before getting intimate, try to avoid taking a hot bath and simply take a cool shower. The best temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius. Warm water baths can calm nerves, reduce cardiovascular burden, and have good effects on symptoms such as hypertension, neurasthenia, skin itching, and insomnia.


6. Avoid living in a filthy environment

If the sexual environment is very dirty and disorderly, it will affect the mental state of both spouses, making them unable to enjoy the pleasure they should have. In addition, if the sexual environment is dirty and disorderly, the likelihood of infection of the sexual organs is greater. Once bacteria are brought into the body, they will be infected.

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