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Testosterone is a source of male vitality, which not only affects physiology and psychology, but can even lead to sexual dysfunction. According to the analysis of male hormonal data from 851 healthy men between 2015 and 2017, the low level of testosterone in Taiwanese men has been increasing year by year, with an increase of up to 2.8 times in the past three years. The latest data in 2017 also shows that one in every four men has a low level of testosterone.

Testosterone gradually decreases with age, usually starting to experience insufficient levels after the age of 40, which is often overlooked by young men. However, nowadays, low levels of testosterone are becoming increasingly common, and there is even a trend towards youthfulness. This is mainly influenced by "pressure" and "obesity". Modern people face great life pressure, coupled with poor dietary habits, leading to an increasingly serious problem of low male hormones in Chinese people.

Restoring Male Vitality with Two Improvements

In addition to regular physical examinations to understand your own condition, you can also conduct male hormone medical tests, draw blood for analysis, and receive professional advice from doctors for improvement. Alternatively, you can use a self-assessment form to determine if you have testosterone deficiency.

If you find that you have insufficient testosterone, you don't need to be too nervous. In addition to seeking professional assistance from a doctor, you can also start from two aspects: "intake of stress-relieving and sleep aid nutrients" and "weight loss".

1. Nutrients for relieving stress and aiding sleep:

Things like milk, nuts, bananas, or dark green vegetables can help relieve stress; Bananas, salmon, dark green vegetables, and milk, egg, and meat contain vitamin B group and tryptophan, which help sleep. By consuming nutrients from food, people can help stabilize their emotions, relax their body and mind, and indirectly improve testosterone secretion.

Lin Meixiu also pointed out that unlike women, men do not have foods that mimic female hormones. In addition to indirectly improving testosterone secretion by eating foods that relieve stress and aid sleep, they can also eat foods rich in zinc and vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Seafood, for example, contains a large amount of minerals that help testosterone synthesis.

2. Weight loss:

Obesity can affect testosterone secretion, so adjusting the order of eating and choosing good foods, eating less fried and sugary foods to achieve weight loss can indirectly improve testosterone deficiency. In addition, combined with exercise to enhance weight loss, it can also effectively promote testosterone secretion and help restore male vitality. However, doctors also remind that moderate exercise is sufficient, as excessive exercise can also cause stress and may also lead to a decrease in testosterone.

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