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What is the biggest helplessness when growing up? It's just that my mind is getting clearer and clearer, and I realize that I woke up so late. If I want to take another shot, I realize that my back is sore, my legs are sore, my arms are sore, I have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, insomnia, and many dreams.

In modern urban life, the pace is fast, the pressure is high, and there are more and more health issues for men. However, when it comes to one of their biggest concerns, it is still about wanting to be more "sustainable". Premature ejaculation, which is strictly focused on seconds, is indeed an awkward and headache inducing issue.


There are many reasons for 'too fast':

1. Excessive fatigue, whether caused by physical or mental labor, can affect a man's duration.

2. Anxiety and depression, as both anxiety and "too fast" are regulated by the sympathetic nervous system, can also lead to increased psychological burden and sexual dysfunction.

3. Organ diseases, short foreskin frenulum, chronic congestion and edema of seminal vesicle inflammation, and slight stimulation can cause sexual excitement and rapid ejaculation.

4. Due to differences in physical fitness, individuals who are "too fast" experience faster reflexes in their "little brother" cavernous muscles than normal individuals. Perhaps due to high levels of testosterone in the blood, the excitability of the ejaculatory center increases, leading to premature ejaculation.

5. Too many airplane fights and too many 'do it yourself' can also cause premature ejaculation.

How long does it take to indicate that I am a capable man

In 2008, sex therapists in the United States and Canada provided diagnostic and treatment data on duration. The duration considered too short was 1-2 minutes, the duration considered sufficient was 3-7 minutes, and the ideal duration was 7-13 minutes. Interestingly, the duration considered too long was 10-30 minutes.

Of course, there is no need to dwell on this duration data. The optimal duration is determined by the feelings of you and your partner.

Many people hope for a longer period of time because their partner says, "If you can last longer, maybe I can reach orgasm.

So what methods can make people more durable?

1. Strengthen physical exercise, persist in daily exercise, enhance body immunity, and maintain a healthy body;

2. Moderate sexual activity, do not do as you please, do everything in moderation;

3. Health preservation, do not overeat, do not eat junk food, and control weight;

4. Maintain a happy mood, do not argue against evil, be less angry, and smile more;

5. It's really not possible. Don't be shy and go see a doctor directly.

In addition, many people are reluctant to see a doctor because it is difficult to speak up, but choose to try some delayed medications. This reminds everyone that it is best not to try them easily when it is unclear whether there are any side effects.


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