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Documents of Guangdong Xingse Industrial Co., Ltd


Xingse Industrial [2021] No. 44


Notice of Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday


Each department:

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. According to the national holiday regulations and the actual situation of the company's production and operation, the arrangements for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday are as follows:

1、 Switch between September 19th (Sunday) and September 20th (Monday), start work on the 19th and rest on the 20th;

2、 One day off on September 21 (Mid-Autumn Festival);

3、 Mid Autumn Festival gifts and welfare supplies for the third quarter will be distributed together;

4、 The cafeteria is not open from September 20th to 21st;

5、 During holidays, do not run around, drink plenty of water, take good safety precautions, and do not go to high-risk areas such as Putian.

Wish all colleagues of the company a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!





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